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For some time, I have encouraged Tina to create a blog devoted to the health and well-being of older women and men. Tina has always been inquisitive and enthusiastic about the benefits of fitness and exercise regarding the mind and body. She began as an eager student of health and fitness and she is now an accomplished instructor in this arena. Over the years, she has grown more passionate in her desire to share her knowledge with others, and let’s face it, there are not that many blogs nowadays devoted to fitness for those 40 and older. The population for this age group is expanding and I truly believe (and know) that Tina can provide insight, experience and motivation for those who seek to gain greater understanding and performance of their bodies. While aging is inevitable, how we age is a choice. Tina is one who can provide that information and motivation to those of us seeking enlightenment.  Michelle Fletcher

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U R at that AGE!

I'm a Health & Wellness Professional with over 30 years of experience in the Fitness Community. My Passion is helping people create lifestyle changes that support a healthy life through Personal Training and/or Fitness Group Exercise. Everyone is uniquely different inside and out so we should all be seen in that light.