Define “You’re at that Age”

Why is it that we hear the words…
“You’re at that Age”
with every pain, injury, illness, pound you gain, etc?

Me Straw Hat

I’ve been thinking for a few years about starting a Blog called “You’re at that Age” because of hearing those words after 4 knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and other miscellaneous injuries throughout my life. (I’ve often felt my body was an Architectural nightmare) Besides going through all of the wonderful hormonal stages of life and everyday sicknesses that we all must do, I am also Breast Cancer survivor. If that isn’t enough, I experienced Heat Exhaustion for the first time just last week which took me to the Emergency Room and yes, I was told to be “really careful and consider the activities I do outside because I’m not as young as I used to be” by my sweet Daddy. 😮  In other words, wait for it…….”YOU’RE AT THAT AGE”.  Keep reading for more info!