Define “You’re at that Age”

Why is it that we hear the words…
“You’re at that Age”
with every pain, injury, illness, pound you gain, etc?

Me Straw Hat

I’ve been thinking for a few years about starting a Blog called “You’re at that Age” because of hearing those words after 4 knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and other miscellaneous injuries throughout my life. (I’ve often felt my body was an Architectural nightmare) Besides going through all of the wonderful hormonal stages of life and everyday sicknesses that we all must do, I am also Breast Cancer survivor. If that isn’t enough, I experienced Heat Exhaustion for the first time just last week which took me to the Emergency Room and yes, I was told to be “really careful and consider the activities I do outside because I’m not as young as I used to be” by my sweet Daddy. 😮  In other words, wait for it…….”YOU’RE AT THAT AGE”. 

The words, “YOU’RE AT THAT AGE”, are like fingers on a chalk board to me. I feel they have such negative meaning and society uses them as the gospel for accepting you’ll never Feel GREAT again. Not true!

The first time I recall hearing those words was after I injured my left knee at the young age of 18. I played tennis, softball, volleyball, and the list goes on throughout my school years. Back to the knee injury which, by the way, wasn’t a glamorous sports injury. 😐

I hurt my knee while home from college for a weekend. I was playing with my little sister’s new puppy. Long story short… Being the mature person that I’ve always been, I was running through the house with the dog chasing me, jumping on and off the furniture (sorry Mom & Dad) so he couldn’t catch me. At some point I lost my balance, because I took a corner in the hallway to sharp, fell to the floor, my knee went through a wall, pushing my kneecap out of place. Oh, and I left a big hole in the wall too. OUUCHHH!  Despite being in a lot of pain, the dog rudely seemed put out because I was not getting off the floor. 

Anyhew…. back to the visit with the doctor, after an initial exam, x-rays, blah, blah, he told me I needed surgery. Not only did he tell me that I needed surgery, but he told me that my knee busting through the wall wasn’t the culprit for my knee condition. According to the doctor, “my knee putting a hole in the wall” only grayscale portrait photo of shocked womanpushed an “already compromised knee” over the edge. He went on to say that my injury was prevalent in athletic girls/women who have hips according to him. Did I hear him right? I HEARD him say that I have bad knees because I was 18, athletic, had gone through puberty and inherited “HIPS” so life will never ever be the same again because I have “HIPS”.  😥  😥 😥  (Thanks to Mom! I know they didn’t come from Dad’s side of the family). Moreover, the doctor explained that the knees of athletic women, who have an hour-glass or pear-shaped physique (women with HIPS),  take on a lot more impact than women who aren’t as “hippy”. Therefore, we wear away the cartilage between our knee cap and tibia bone. Then the Doctor said that my right knee would eventually require surgery too. Yayyy for Me! I eventually had 4 surgeries on the left knee between 1984 and 2000.

Fast forward to today, I’m 53 years old and in the best shape of my life with lots of stories like this to share. The bigger reason I want to share these stories with you is to show YOU that you can overcome life’s physical hurdles through exercise and positive thinking and those lovely words “You’re at that Age”.

P.S. I never had any problems with my right knee.  🙂


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U R at that AGE!

I'm a Health & Wellness Professional with over 30 years of experience in the Fitness Community. My Passion is helping people create lifestyle changes that support a healthy life through Personal Training and/or Fitness Group Exercise. Everyone is uniquely different inside and out so we should all be seen in that light.

One thought on “Define “You’re at that Age”

  1. So you inherited ‘hips’? Who would have thought eh? But seriously, I think that thought (you’re at that age) an awful lot lately at 63. Particularly after I’ve had to lay down for a nap! Sounds like you’re doing all the right things though to make sure you don’t have to think those thoughts too often.

    Also, I hope you don’t mind but since you brought it up, I’m assuming you might be okay with this….your mention of your ‘brush’ with cancer makes me think that a post I recently wrote is exactly something you should read. When I wrote it, I was thinking about my best friend who’s just finished her last radiation treatment and glad that she’s following a bit of a change in her health protocol since I came across this info. If you decide to check it out, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this pretty easy to include in your daily life. While it’s called ‘Avoiding Cancer, 6 Easy Steps, 1 Great Spice’, there’s also some valuable information for staying healthy after you’ve had it.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post.


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